Between Architecture & People

A Copenhagen-based design studio that works at the intersection of psychology, architecture and art. We design spaces for personal development to inspire new habits. Our approach is to draw attention to the overlooked in the everyday.

‘BAP designs surroundings that stimulate personal development by activating your body and senses and inviting you to explore and question the usual. We believe that becoming more sensitive to your surroundings and exploring everyday spaces is the key to any development – from more balanced relationships at home or at work, to new feelings and habits for the city of tomorrow.’

Polina Chebotareva, psychologist and designer, Co-founder of BAP

Questions and Answers

How can a road crossing become a space for multisensory awareness?

How can urban landscapes draw attention to the impact of human activity on climate?

How can your home reflect on and develop your personal relationship?

How can architects work with aesthetics to empower people?

How can engagement in urban space be catalyzed through design?